mijn gedachtes zijn donker, mijn gezicht geeft licht, ik wil trouwen met degene die mijn lichte donkerte en mijn donkere lichtheid liefheeft.

Borderlight is a dark musical about a girl looking for light in a world full of darkness, fear and confusion. She wants to shine to attract a friend but the others don’t see her spark, they don’t hear her voice.
The pulse of her trying is similar to the way fireflies try to find each other in the night. At the end of their tail is a little glowing light, which pulsates in a frequency. This rhythm of light is slightly different for every firefly, all these little lights in the darkness are very confusing for them! But sometimes if they are lucky 2 fireflies have exactly the same voice of light. Their glows synchronize, their voices connect, amids the chaos they have found love..

The black&white footage from this video above is shot in complete darkness, it’s infrared.

and here is a video of the first song “face the light”, shot during Nuit Blanche by Hugo Rocci